Monday, 26 July 2010

this is ridiculous

my life is turning into a ridiculously bad film.

one you wouldn't even find funny cause it's so bad.

I've been going to and fro from interviews, experimenting with my "awaiting an interview" face and adjusting my CV as much as possible with out bullshitting completely.

I've just finished watching House, and am now left to watch normal television, I watched T4 on The Beach and it was slightly more appalling than I had anticipated. I miss the badly tanned/wondering hands Diana Vickers, now she's gone all "fashionable" however is looking more like Jedward.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Favourite Line 14/JULY

"His powers of sweating were extraordinary."

George Orwell - Nineteen Eighty-Four

[i relate to this]

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Favourite Lyrics 13/JULY

"yeh my life's a bitch, but you know nothing bout her"

Eminem & Lil Wayne - No Love

one size 7 one size 5

I can't walk properly in flats never mind heels, so finding appropriate footwear for my cousins wedding was going to take a lot of energy.

Eventually I found a pair of "heels" that were slightly wedged therefore resulting in less falling over, trips and slips.

I tried them on in the shop and thought the right shoe felt a little tight so I loosened the strap and it felt much better.

As a family trait we like to leave things to the last minute so I bought them on Thursday 1st July in the evening, and we then left for Gibraltar Friday 2nd July in the early hours of the morning.

When we were unpacking in our hotel in La Linea, I was curious to see what my sister who's trademark is jeans and cardigans, was wearing to the wedding, she showed me her outfit: a dark blue silk high waist trousers, cream blouse and black towering shoes. As she wondered around the room attempting to walk in them, I noticed the sticker on the bottom of the heel, this could be classed as one of my pet peeves (then again there's not a lot I don't hate) so I got mine out and as I was scratching the label off I saw the number 5. I had bought a pair of shoes one sized 7 and one sized 5. 

The slight tightness of the right foot had been two sizes too small! My feet are a size 7 at a push on a normal day, never mind a hot day when my feet are swelling and sore as it is the rare occasion I wear a heel.

I swear I'm the only person this kind of shit happens to.

Dogs of the Day

Amber and Buster (Left to Right)