Tuesday, 12 July 2011

We Need To Talk About Shane

The relationship here you have with him
It's giving you unrealistic expectations of men

So far in your life they've never caused you pain

But I guarantee you now you won't find a straight Shane

He walks the dogs when I'm not around

He looks for hope when it can't be found

He spends his money on me all the time

For cabs, meals, gin and tonics with lime

He bought my mum flowers for mothers day

I was the first person he told he was gay

He means more to me than he will ever know

I'm just not very good at putting my feelings on show

We joke about one of us finding a good man

How he can't replace us as we have a plan

I'm scared of the day when we won't be this close

It's the inevitable ending and everyone knows

It will be horrible the day we drift apart

As so much of him is in embedded in my heart

He's been by my side most of my life

I love having such a cute little queer wife

Monday, 11 July 2011

Pretty Pretty CupCakes


I hate Wednesdays
Cause they remind me of you

Thursdays make me cry

Cause you never told me why

Fridays are a bore

When I think of your new whore

On Saturday I like to drink

Till I can no longer think

Sundays torment my head

Memories of waking in your bed

On Monday things are clear

I wouldn't even want you here

Tuesdays are the same

I realise you're fucking lame