Sunday, 7 November 2010

Who said being Unemployed wasn't fun

I'm currently watching my mama clean the kitchen.

I get to do fun stuff like watch day time tele, there's nothing more entertaining that seeing a friends episode you've seen at least four hundred times before.

When I have petrol money I get to drive around for a bit. Run some errands.

I can take daily naps, especially when everyones at work.

Bad Writers Ink

Going to start writing 'Skeggs and Suze' today, a sitcom based on true events and people I found via facebook.

Was inspired to write about being normal, when I saw two children shout at a girl "You're so weird!"

I hate children.

Need to write a piece about a celebrity for an internship I'm applying for however don't know who to choose!?

Sunday of Sorting

I still haven't unpacked from tour, which ended three weeks ago.

I need to sort my shit out.

Monday, 1 November 2010