Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Brigitte Aphrodite

Just before Christmas I worked with Brigitte Aphrodite and Alex Wheeler on her music video for 'Merry Kissmass'. I did all the makeup, had an amazingly long tiring day but it was well worth it.

Back In Your Box

Many a time I’ve been named a freak
I would much prefer to be called unique

I’m not one of those types who’s artistically accepted
More like that loser who’s continuously rejected

My brain gets a beating from my OCD
Like I can only draw people from reality TV

I wish fictional characters were my best friend
If I stare long enough the spoon WILL bend

I believe in vampire’s demons and alien things
I want salt by the door and pentagrams on the ceilings

The weird ones can’t help but be this way
Obsessed with dogs, shy or just well gay

I get confused that my dreams are really true
So for no apparent reason I’ll be mad with you

My personality has taken some hard knocks
But I don’t ever think I can get back in that box