Wednesday, 30 June 2010

festival fever


Last year I missed out on every festival and have been craving them ever since, slightly anticipating whether I would survive I packed twice as much as I usually would have. With the lineup being slightly disappointing there was only a few people I wanted to see; Snoop, Kate Nash, The Cribs, N Dubz, Stevie Wonder, LCD Soundsystem, The Gorrilaz, Hot Chip, Magnetic Man, etc.

Snoop Dogg being a priority, we made it on time, and blagged our way to watch from side stage. He was amazing, joined by Tinie Tempah, which somehow we missed noticing him pop up on stage, and several ridiculous body guards. 

However only having an hours sleep on the thursday night, me and stephanie went back to our tent and passed out missing a few people we had wanted to see. We ended up stumbling into the John Peel stage and seeing Groove Armada, they are amazing and obviously love what they do! And saw the last bit of Gorillaz when Snoop came out, PERFECT TIMING!!

Spending most of our time in the Dance Village, we saw N Dubz which was a bit of a mistake. Tinie Tempah was amazing but made us feel ashamed to be the same age and so unsuccessful. He is so beautiful. We caught the end of LCD Soundsystem, the beginning of Orbital, I love how gay they look; Sub Focus, Foreign Beggars, High Contrast. The Wow tent was too much fun and I want to steal all the decorations of paper pineapples, parrots, fruit and heart shaped flamingos!

On the saturday we saw Kate Nash and The Cribs, both AMAZZZZZING

The entire weekend was so much fun and I can't wait for the next festival!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Monday, 21 June 2010

Music Makes Me . . .

Music makes me feel; like hormones pumping through my veins it determines my mood, allowing me to feel any emotion I want, even the unfamiliar ones.

Known for being cynical, sarcastic and slightly frank on occasion; a song, lyrics or a key can push me in the direction of a more sentimental, warm hearted state of mind, without having to change who I am.

My head is filled with never ending songs, from Modest Mouse to Deadmou5 to my beat boxing subconscious, which when reaching my mouth never sounds quite as good.

Feeling most at home when waking up to some indie kid strumming at a festival, getting grimey whilst watching the Wu Tang Clan at one of London’s biggest clubs, air guitaring to Guns N’ Roses with my mosher friends, or clocking an uncle swinging to the sixties at a relatives wedding.

There is no relationship, like my relationship with music.

You gotta have faith

Despite the fact we [England] haven't won The World Cup for forty four years, there seems to be a ridiculous amount of faith that the england team still have the potential to win it. And I love it!
It's probably the only time the country unites as one, and I wish that these silly spoilt little brats aka the football team would shape up! 

My mama has a different opinion and was shouting all of friday night about letting our dog Molly join the team; saying "people seem to forget that this is their full time job, the only purpose they have on the pitch is to score or at least not let the ball slip past you into the goal. they get paid too much!"

They definitely get paid far too much and should have a clause in their contracts, only allowing them to get paid the full blow when they win! plus Molly is amazing at football however doesn't quite understand the concept of the game.

I am finger crossing, even my finger toes, that they get through into the next round. PLEASE

(via twitter)
❝I can't believe we only managed a draw against a shit team we should easily have beaten... I'm ashamed to call myself Algerian❞

Contrary to popular belief

Steve Nash does not have a tash.

Friday, 18 June 2010

My iPhone has a mind of it's own . . .

"A severe lack of respect: if I was to sum up our relationship. She wanted me for so long because I was the best, I had the slickest design, the brand name not to mention the touch screen. I’m meant to be caressed not smeared with greasy fingers and powdered cheeks.
When we first met it was love at first sight. I was treated like a real lady should be, mats placed down for me, covers to protect me, and everything else pushed aside for my attention. Now I get thrown on the bed and flipped off by some tossing of the quilt. I’ve been left in such dingy places, the toilets of some trashy club, houses of people she barely knows, and once the bottom of someone’s boot.
For two days!
I was abandoned, left in the dark, being driven around although not knowing where I was being taken. I felt like the victim of some soon to be horrendous murder, wondering when and if I’d ever see the light of day. My kidnapper sounded familiar, I’m sure she’d been at the other end of one of my calls, although muffled her voice was distinctive, she used the same telephone greeting for everyone.

Not only was I being kidnapped, I was being driven around by a particularly unsafe driver; I could feel her accelerating whenever she had the opportunity, she had to be going more than thirty, and we definitely weren’t on any motorways. Cruising through whatever city we were in, blaring her ghastly music, and answering her phone, did she not have any idea what damage she could cause?"

Ho Mo Mo

As my favourite gay is jumping out of a plane on Sunday for charity, I remembered one of my all time fave YouTube videos.

Plus on an even more spectacular note, Eminem has revealed to The New York Times Magazine that his previous views were slightly immature and when asked about same sex marriage being approved in his home state of Michigan, he said; 

"I think if two people love each other, then what the hell? I think that everyone should have the chance to be equally miserable, if they want."

Thursday, 17 June 2010

What is love?

When asked to write a piece about love I felt discriminated against,
bar my unconditional love for the two labradors sitting at the end of
my bed; I have never fallen in love, not once. As I told the polish
receptionist at work today he mocked me and wouldn't believe it, as
when he was twenty one he had been in several long term relationships.
My lack of relationships may be the key to my lack of love.

I generally believe in love, however I think love easily turns into
obsession and habit; when reflecting on relationships of people I know
I don't get one bit jealous of more than half (and I'm one of the most
jealous people I know, my eyes would be green if it weren't for their
natural grey colour), I could actually only name two of which I would
wish to have; and all of the others cause more hassel, stress and pain
than love. It's like the first time you floss after you've brushed
your teeth; you realise nothing good came out but at least you've
learnt something, then again it can make your gums bleed. Which brings
me another question: is it better to have loved and lost rather than
never loved at all?

I recently read an article about why the key to happiness is seen in a
loving relationship. It didn't help me much in figuring out what love
is but it made me realise I might want to feel it so much so I can
empathise with just about every song, book, film, or poem ever
written. Or the plain fact that stupid, ugly people who piss me off
are loved by someone! However my mother would be the first person to
tell me that life just isn't fair.

Unfortunately I can't blame Disney for all my misconceptions and high
standards of love; as I'm not a fan of conventionally beautiful, I
generally like dirty hair, tired eyes, crusty lips, scarred fingers
and thick eyebrows. I will blame them though for the happy ending
myth; the other day it came to me like an epiphany that I'm not
guranteed a happy ending, I'm not even guranteed to be happy. So when
asking my magic eight ball if I will die alone, I got an answer I knew
was coming "outlook is good".

Threatened by a Ginger bread man

Today has been slow. I am searching for a dress for my cousins wedding with my mama and although her opinion is totally honest and usually right, it's not uplifting or good for raising self esteem. As we sit in marks and sparks sipping lattes. I am distinctively aware of my jealousy of the very fucking happy ginger bread man. Life is being mean* to me and I don't need pricks like that shoving their happiness in my face.

*mean is exaggerated. Lifes pretty sweet I've just run out of money to spend therefore my enjoyment is at an all time low

Melon x

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

feeling sorry for myself

i've dyed my hair "dark chocolate" and i'm indulging in lemon sorbet in an attempt to make myself feel better.

[this is my sad face]

rejection is my familiar friend

and i can see us having a long life together. oh how i cannot wait . . .

however today i was rejected so nicely it made me happy.

i went for an audition day with Benefit this morning and was running about 20 minutes late.

thank god for the miscommunication of the starting time, resulting in me being 10 minutes early.

after looking like a complete dick role playing "traffic stopping" i was sent down stairs onto the department floor to be a complete dick and harass the general public, force them into buying some over priced but pretty makeup.

after an hour of failure 'Rachel' from Benefit said: "Oh helen you deserve a break, lets go get your bag and you can go home"

i felt good.

it took a few seconds for me to realise what was going on. i was being rejected, told i wasn't good enough for Benefit.

my only ever face to face rejection was the nicest rejection i have ever received.

however the world can stop rejecting me from now on, it would be nice for something to go right. admittedly i am glad i didn't get the job, i at least now know i can't sell to people (i never thought i could anyway).

Monday, 14 June 2010



finally there is a date for RECOVERY

eminem releases recovery on 21st JUNE


pre order now on itunes for definite.

i am finger crossing that i will make it to either 'oxegen festival' or 't in the park' to see him headline. when i was about fifteen my and my best friend and sisters bunked off school to get to milton keynes bowl to see him live. annoyingly my oldest sister, clare, got to see him at the weekend as well so she got to see fifty cent and obie trice and dre. we only got DMX as an extra on the weekday gig.

plus check out B.O.B feat hayley form paramore and eminem - AIRPLANES II

i want to be more gleefull

have just watched the last episode of glee on e4 and i am not full of glee, i am full of sadness, i don't care how "uncool" it is. i love it and i miss it already. does anybody know when the second series comes out??!

i love the programme however think that some of the songs have been overplayed and the originals have been ruined. Like journey and now isreal kamakawiwo'ole. so heres the original which is too much delight for the ears.

i wanna be a billionaire so friggin bad

i love travie mccoy and bruno mars

Sunday, 13 June 2010

the most essential tour/festival product

passing out and chucking up from alcohol at a festival is always acceptable for me, but four years ago i got sun stroke and ended up passing out and vomming everywhere. so i have had the last few years of learning how to cope at festivals with no showers or beds for at least 3 or 4 days.

baby wipes are a NO NO for the face they make you all greasy.

but a YES YES for wee stops.

this is the best cleanser in the world as all you need is some cotton wool and your away!

my FAVE new video. YOU SAY WE PAY

Friday, 11 June 2010

Milk was a bad choice

Today we are at Nova Rock festival in Austria, kates playing later and then headlining are Rammestein, soph (kates sound) tells me I will love them, something about dildos. Soph is from Australia and feels at home today as it's thirty two degrees and counting. I think today may be my last day, I don't cope well in the heat.

- H

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Sweaty Betties

Today has been the hottest day so far. Reaching 31 degrees or something ridiculous around that. To top things off the bus over heated twice so the air con has to be turned off!
I've never wanted winter so badly.

Whilst everyone was busy I went to a local supermerche to stand by the refridgerated section.

I'm the creepy sweaty foreigner standing by the sliced meat.

I met The Duff Man

Me and Alicia wondering through Nuremberg found an amazing shop that only sells haribo!!

We bought a bag full of trolli burgers and a load of DUFF BEER.

Not a fan of beer but I will drink it for the novelty.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Sister Lovers

Sister Lovers ended their tour last night with Kate; they've been touring all around europe for the last few weeks supporting Kate Nash. Michael, "Chad" and Ciaran are the best all boy band out of ireland in god knows how long, my favourite song is 'Through the red door'. Hopefully they'll be playing in several venues around london soon.

European Tour

At the last minute I've joined Kate and co on their european tour. Luckily my brand new passport came just in time!

starting in 'Rock Im Park' on Sunday, which is where i joined them on tour two years ago to the day, we watched 'The Gossip', Jared Leto's band '30 seconds to Mars' and 'Motorhead'.

The Gossip were amazing as always, i wish beth ditto would adopt me; and watching Motorhead made me feel so cool, 30 seconds to Mars were an experience in their own right but they didn't play very many songs. their more about the audience interaction i'd say.